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Veterans recently having completed their tours or contracts often go through a time of readjustment. Getting back into a civilian lifestyle can be a trying time personally, let alone professionally. While there are some fortunate enough to have jobs lined up, others are not. There are plenty of fields that perfectly suit veterans, but we would like to talk about oil and gas careers for veterans, specifically as they applies to a veterans’ skills.

Reason #1: Veterans Have The Skills

Life serving in the military often creates ideal employees for jobs with a high reliance on safety precautions, a disciplined approach to work, and working as a team, and an ability to perform under pressure. Veterans also lean towards having higher than average communication skills, and a willingness to adapt quickly. Oilfield jobs for veterans seem to just make sense. Experts agree; according to Rosemary Haefnar, chief human resources officer for CareerBuilder, “Our veterans bring a unique blend of discipline, leadership and problem-solving skills that employers would be foolish to pass up.”

Reason #2: The Pay (And Benefits Package) Is There

While earning a reasonable salary may be the aim of many veterans coming home, careers in oil often offer more than that – depending on the position. Positions requiring higher technical training, such as petroleum engineers, seismic experts, and pipeline operators often warrant higher salaries. The rate of pay for oil industry workers often keeps up with oil and gas prices, and therefore a rise in prices often leads to increase in pay. Beyond just salary though, oil and gas companies typically provide health insurance, and 401(k) plans – benefits that often become hindsight when a job is the only goal. Why not start work in a career that’s willing to invest in your future as well?

Reason #3: The Time Is Right

Oil Jobs are about to make a major comeback in 2017 and 2018 – according to Monster. While the oil industry took a sizable hit in 2014 due to oversupply. The U.S. is currently sitting on an oil reserve larger than other any oil-producing country on the planet, ready and waiting to be tapped when prices rise. Investment bank Goldman Sachs is forecasting about 700 oil rigs will be created, each of these averaging 120 – 150 employees on staff. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 172,400 oil and gas jobs. We’d say that the odds are in a veteran’s favor here.

So Why Oil and Gas Careers for Veterans?

In summary, work in oilfields may not be the immediate career path that leaps out at most people, but seems well-suited for veterans both in their ability to get benefits but also in work style and pace. Employers are looking for hard working, dedicated individuals with a healthy respect for process, and an understanding of how to function on a team. Mention of military service on oilfield applications may often garner a closer look. Certainly sounds like a setup for success.

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