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Written by Patriotofs on July 17, 2018 in Oil & Gas Careers

Blue collar work can be a rewarding and lucrative experience.  Over the past couple decades, it seems there’s been a push to encourage obtaining for year degrees…this may be a coincidence, but it’s likely this has contributed to many opens in blue-collar industry.  Oil and gas, for example, are still major necessities to society, and dedicated workers are in high demand, and there are many benefits to blue collar labor.

The first thing on most worker’s minds, and one of the biggest benefits of blue-collar work, is the pay potential.  People don’t need a degree to make a lot of money in jobs with high demand, not only in terms of number of workers, but the demand in skill in time.  A high-quality worker is selling their labor to the highest bidder, not just looking for someone willing to hire them.

Another pro in regards to blue-collar work is the ability to work off stress.  Attention to detail is key in many jobs, and spending a day working hard and focusing is almost like mental exercise, working the brain out and helping work away life’s stressors.

One of the best things about blue-collar work is the lack of student debt.  With training focused on exactly what needs to be done to perform the job, workers aren’t forced to take unrelated classes in order to qualify themselves to work in their field.

A sedentary lifestyle is no good for any healthy person.  People are meant to expend the energy they take in, and blue-collar work is fantastic for that.  Moving parts, operating machines, climbing, walking…blue collar work often means physical activity, helpful for keeping in shape and healthy.

Blue collar work involves a lot more of the senses than office work, and being able to see and feel the immediate results of the labor can be quite rewarding.  Workers often know in real time how their efforts contributed to the whole, be it seeing a part take shape, or listening to the hum of a machine recently brought to life.

The bottom line is, many blue-collar workers are needed today!  Apply for a career with Patriot Oilfield: http://patriotofs.com/job-opportunities/

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